Microsoft Will Unveil 'New Surface Desktop' Inspired By Apple iMac

It has been just speculation before, but now it's confirmed: Microsoft is going to host a big event in the Big Apple by the end of October, where they are expected to be introducing a new product, the Surface All-In-One PC. Rumors have been spreading that Microsoft's newest hardware is said to have been inspired by Apple's iMac.

Microsoft sends off its invitations for its big event

Interestingly, somehow, the term "Surface" doesn't even appear on the invitation, which is requesting reporters to be at a New York event on Oct. 26. Instead, the invitation states that Microsoft is inviting reporters to "see what's next for Windows 10," which gives light to some kind of update towards the company's software initiatives. Also on the invitation, the slogan, "Imagine what you'll do."

Surface will be the replacement for Lumia

Just thinking of having a new Surface is already meaningful enough. But a more important question is this: What will be the future of Microsoft hardware? With the increasing decline of Microsoft's Lumia series, Microsoft is now down to only two hardware lines: the Surface tablets and Hub, as well as the Xbox lineup. We can expect that neither of these lines is going away anytime soon.

What we can expect

The fact that Microsoft's next 'Redstone' OS update isn't out until January of next year, makes waiting for Windows 10's desktop OS not all that exciting enough. It does seem reasonable, that Microsoft is giving hints of its upcoming features, as well as theirs plans for Windows 10's future.

A part of their statement also includes Windows 10's being "the last Windows," so will Microsoft is placing their scheduled releases on a timetable? Will the support for Windows 10 eventually run out? Microsoft has recently improved its support structure for the enterprise. All things said we will soon find out.

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