Overwatch Has 3000 New Players Every Hour

Overwatch was launched just a few months but its popularity has supersized within just short period of time. According to the latest statistics, there are 3,424 players joining the game every hour since August.

Overwatch's growth is phenomenal as it gained traction in August as the game announced that it has reached 15 million players at the beginning of August. Fast forward to October, Overwatch has reached another milestone by hitting 20 million. That's 5 million additional players in just a matter of two months and if you calculate that, that will be more than 3,000 players a day and the number is still growing.

The figure, however, does not really show whether Blizzard is referring to selling 20 million copies of Overwatch or all of those people are active players of the game. No matter how one analyzes it, one thing is certain: that there's no doubt Overwatch is one of the smash hits of 2016, perhaps the biggest hit of the year.

Blizzard, of course, is no stranger to smash multi-player hits. Before Overwatch, it has Hearthstone which surpassed the 50 million mark in June. Then, there's World of Warcraft, whose fan base is ever-growing as well, especially with the Legion expansion release.

According to Polygon, Overwatch has easily beaten its rival, Battleborn from developer Take-Two, who said that the sales of the game did not quite meet up to their expectations.

As a treat to its loyal and passionate Overwatch fans, Blizzard has just released its November treat called the Halloween Terror event with a new brawl mode and some new "scary" skins. The mode will feature Junkrat as Dr. Junkenstein who will exact his revenge through his monster. But there's nothing to fear as four heroes will put their might and power together to stop him. Who could that hero be?

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