iPhone Hacks: Boost iOS 10 in Less Than 2 Minutes

By Anna Bringas , Oct 13, 2016 01:37 PM EDT

As soon as the iOS update arrived, most users complained that their iPhones began slowing down. It seems that this issue commonly appears after getting the iOS 10 update. Several complaints from iPhone 5c, 5s and 6 owners feel that iOS 10 may have slackened their phone. Here are some tips that may help speed up the iPhone.

Switch On Reduce Motion

Turning off the zipping and zooming motion effects help speed up any iOS 10 run device. To do this, users may simply open the settings app; head to General, click Accessibility then choose the Reduce Motion and tap the toggle. Not only does it cut off unnecessary iPhone motions, it also turns off most of iPhones new message effects.

Disable Background App Refresh At All Costs

Background App Refresh uses system resources to maintain apps in the background, thus disabling this feature would reduce the buzz and activity, improving the iPhone's performance. To turn this feature off, users should go to Settings, click General and press the Background App Refresh and just tap it to turn the feature off completely.

As an added bonus, turning this feature off would also help increase battery life.

Clean Up The Storage

As a general rule, there should always be enough storage and space available as iOS 10 starts acting weird once the storage is almost full. Having a 1GB extra space helps the phone function better. By removing unnecessary files such as deleting old apps, cutting down videos and music and transferring pictures onto a hard disk, a user might never run out of iPhone space and prevent the phone from slowing down.

Reset The iPhone Settings

Perhaps the easiest solution would be resetting the iPhone. It will not delete applications, data or music but it resets manually created options such as Wi-Fi connections and other options. If a user decides to do this, they will find the reset button in the General tab. After which, they must choose the Reset All Settings option then enter the iPhone's password. It should restart shortly after.

If All Else Fails, Reset The iPhone

The last solution would be to reset the factory settings of the iPhone. This will clear everything off the device, so a back up must be made before doing this to ensure that all data are safe.

To reset it fully, launch the Settings and tap on general. Scroll the bottom and click Reset. Lastly, tap on Erase all content and settings then simply enter the password and confirm it by tapping on "Erase iPhone".
If the recent hacks still prove intolerable, one can still downgrade the iOS 10 back to iOS 9. 

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