Sony Xperia XZ Forest Blue Variant Launched, Is It Coming to US?

By Jonna Marcaida Calagui , Oct 13, 2016 11:34 AM EDT

The Sony Xperia XZ 'Forest Blue' is now on sale in the U.K., almost two weeks after the launch of the 'Deep Pink' variant. The release of the premium phone from Sony was conveniently timed especially after Samsung decided to totally stop producing the Galaxy Note 7. On the other hand, the Xperia XZ might suffer from some serious competition especially with the Google Pixel that had its own launch just a few weeks ago.

'Deep Pink' And 'Forest Blue' Variants Released In The UK

Those who live in the U.K. will enjoy the Sony Xperia XZ given that it is the epitome of every modern flagship available. The Xperia XZ comes with impressive specs with its laser-autofocus sensors, giving this handset some edge over competition. Three UK, the official carrier of the handset in the U.K., also added a cool perk: the Feel at Home service. With this add-on, subscribers enjoy the use of their phones in 42 countries for free.

The mobile network company will also provide a whopping 30GB of free data on limited offer. This will be given to consumers who will get the advanced 8GB data plan as part of their I Heart Data deal. There has been no confirmation from Three UK when their promotion is likely to run out.

Other carriers like EE and O2 will also sell the handset in the U.K. Consumers just have to pick their preferred carrier and order the handsets.

Not Available In The US

Sony released its latest flagship in the U.S. over the weekend almost two weeks ago. However, U.S. customers might find their own Sony Xperia XZ lacking. First and foremost, Sony disabled the fingerprint sensors in the U.S. so the handset's fingerprint scanning capability will not work in the U.S.

Instead of U.S. carriers, Sony decided to partner with Amazon for retail and distribution. But while the Blue Forest variant is already available in the U.K., Sony removed the same variant from its U.S. offerings so customers are left to choose between handsets in Graphite Black and Platinum variants, whichever may be on stock.

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