Dementia Risk Linked To Sudden Drop In Blood Pressure

By Sai , Oct 13, 2016 04:03 PM EDT

Dementia is a chronic disorder of the mental activities characterized by frequent memory loss, personality changes and irrational thinking. Earlier this week, Arfan Ikram, Frank Wolters, experts from the Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands together with their colleagues has stated that a sudden fall in blood pressure known as Orthostatic Hypotension can be a huge factor in developing the said disorder, including Alzheimer's disease.

As per Medical News Today, Orthostatic hypotension brought about by a dizzy sensation upon suddenly standing up can cause a sudden decline in the blood flow to the brain. In their previous studies, experts have already claimed that during the elderly years, a drop in the blood flow in the brain can also cause brain dysfunction. Thus, a change in the blood pressure can actually have an impact on the brain.

Experts from the Erasmus Medical Center have discovered that for those people who constantly suffer from episodes of low blood pressure are prone to developing dementia in the succeeding years.

On the other hand, although the connection between dementia and orthostatic hypotension is not accurately correlated, researchers claim that the brief occurrence of hypotension can possibly lead to a lack of oxygen in the brain which in turn has damaging effects on brain tissue.

According to the statement of Dr. Laura Phipps, an expert at the charity Alzheimer's Research, UK, even though that the probable risk found in the said study is reasonably smaller than the other known risk factors for dementia, it still contributes to the larger picture of how the blood pressure can impact the brain which can consequently have an impact on a person's life.

 Phipps has also added that at the end of the day, as we age, keeping a healthy lifestyle such as not smoking, being physically active, eating a balanced diet and constantly monitoring the cholesterol levels - is still the best way to maintain a healthy and functional brain.

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