INUPATHY Dog Collar Acts As Mood Ring For Owners

By Cameron , Oct 13, 2016 04:10 PM EDT

A Japanese company has created a device that is called Inupathy. The device is said to be able to make it easier for dog owners and especially dog-lovers to understand better their dog's emotions and health.

Joji Yamaguchi, co-creator of the company that developed the Inupathy stated that he his reason and inspiration for creating the device came from is desire to understand better his dog's emotions. The word Inupathy is a combination of the word "inu" which is "dog" in Japanese and "pathy" from the word "empathy".

The device is designed like a harness that you can simply slip it around your dog's body with a heart rate sensor and LEDs that is mounted on the belt. Currently, Inupathy comes in with the three colors only: gray, pink and blue.

The collar monitors heart rhythms and displays a color through the LEDs that coincides with specific feelings such as: happy, calm, excited and concentrating, states There is also no report if the device can also detect if the dog is feeling afraid, angry, hungry or sad. Mainly, the device has two main functions: the device will collect data while playing with your dog and the second function will collect daily health data of your dog. All the heart rate data, emotional data and health data will be recorded in the cloud service and can be accessible through your smartphone.

There are also tasks the are installed in the apps for the Inupathy. These tasks are suggested by dog professionals that the dog owner and dog can do and record the fun time your dog is having to know more about your dog's emotional and health state.

As for its other uses, there are no reports claiming that the Inupathy can be used on other animals. Also, no claims from the company if they are planning to make a device similar to Inupathy for other animals.

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