Justice League Movie Updates: Amber Heard Makes A Splash As Mera

By Dez Bryant , Oct 13, 2016 09:28 PM EDT

Apparently, there will be another royalty from Atlantis that will join the Justice League Movie cast and her name is, Mera of Atlantis.

Mera the former queen of Dimension Aqua is also the wife of none other than Aquaman. She was first introduced in 1963 in comic book #11 of Aquaman as the Queen of the sea. What's special about Mera?

Mera like Aquaman has powers that is related to water. She can transform water to a hard water form objects. She has inhuman powers and strength and has the ability to control large body of water. She received her training in Xebel which make her more a formidable foe.

Mera has a twin sister named Hila, together they form a bond like no other. And a fierce competition between two sisters. In her first action in the comic book, Mera was shown captive by the criminal Leron who seized control of her Kingdom. Mera and Aquaman then met each other. Aquaman vowed to help Mera but was held captive as well by Leron.

With the help of a water spirit named Quisp, Aquaman was able to free Mera and defeating Leron in succession. The two became close and Aquaman proposed to Mera. Mera flees from Xebel to go to Atlantis. The two went on to get married and soon after their love blossomed and had a son name Aquababy.

The addition of Mera in the Justice League Movie is intriguing. Since there are no details yet on what would be her primary role in the movie a lot of questions are still dangling which can be answered only by DC. The character will be played by the sultry and sexy Amanda Heard.

There's already a picture of Amber in Mera's costume and it is absolutely stunning. I guess you can say that, she is perfectly fit for the role. For now, let us watch the clip of Mera's concept as part of Justice League Movie.

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