NBA 2K17 Guide: How To Download College Basketball Teams

Good news to basketball fans who missed playing the NCAA games in EA's NCAA Basketball series because NBA 2K17 has created 36 teams and 198 players in NBA 2K17, and they are all available for download. Just in case you haven't tried it yet or just planning about it, here's a step-by-step guide how to download you college basketball teams in NBA 2K17.

First of all, go tot "MyGM/MyLeague" and click the "MyLeague" options. Then, press the triangle to view the custom rosters. Once there, search for the username, "SkillazKill" or the content ID called "College Roster 2K17."

After that, proceed to "Custom League" and then, to "Start in Regular Season." Next, setup Divisions so that it will appear like "CollegeRosterDivisions.jpg." After that, proceed to "Set Up Options" and input the following information in the given fields:

Season Length: The number of seasons you want depends on you because this is optional; Quarter Length: You can input "10 minutes" but, again, it's up to you; Simulated Quarter Length: this is also optional;  Normalize Played to Sim Stats/Minutes: On; Playoff: March Madness; Rounds: 1 Game Each League; Expansion: On (You can put 0 - 13 here, it doesn't really matter; Salary Cap: Off; Hard Cap: Off; Trade Logic: Off; Injuries: Off; Progressive Fatigue: Off; Gameplay Difficulty: Any

After you finish inputting all the necessary preferences you want for the game, press the triangle and choose "Select All Items"

For advance options or customizations, you can download the team design by proceeding to "Team Relocation > Download Team Designs > Search Username "SkillazKill" > Click X > "See Other Designs by Creator" > Download whatever team you prefer. After that, you can check out other teams by scrolling through them using the "right" or "left" keys. Follow the same procedure in this paragraph for all the other teams.

Once you finish this step, go to Options and then Settings to turn the "Fatigue" option off. Lastly, go to "Save As" so you can save another file in case you want to play another season again. However, this step is optional. Finishing these steps will change all the NBA teams with NCAA teams and you can start playing college basketball with your favorite team.

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