Sony To Launch Smartphones Games - Are Customers Ready?

Sony corporation is looking to develop smartphone games based on popular PlayStation titles, which will target Japan and other parts of Asia, the Nikkei reported.

There would be five smartphone games to be released. The titles are expected to be revealed by year-end.

The group launched its Virtual Reality (VR) headset for PlayStation on Wednesday, the consumer electronic giant's latest foray into video games and entertainment.

The gaming scene is currently controlled by Sony and Microsoft in terms of consoles, as the PlayStation and Xbox are the most popular choices. In mobile gaming, however, Sony has yet to secure a more striking foothold.

Sony is not entirely new to the scene, but it's not exactly one of the top players either in terms of smartphone games. That could all change in 2018.

Nikkei reports that Sony Interactive Entertainment is providing up to release at least five smartphone games in late March 2018, targeting Japan and some other regions in Asia.

According to the announcement, Sony's upcoming smartphone games will be "based on popular PlayStation series." This means that Sony could launch brand new titles, but it will also reportedly improve older games that can't be played on the latest hardware.

Gamers are typically attracted to smartphone games that are based on popular console titles or iconic games. The massive success Nintendo saw with Pokemon GO stands proof of that.

Let us hope that it will be a very good decision for Sony. Are you excited for 2018?

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