Scariest Movies Of All Time: 5 Movies That Gave The Biggest Horror Of Our Lives

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circa 1865: A white caped figure wearing a haloween pumpkin mask taking two people by surprise in their kitchen. London Stereoscopic Company Comic Series - 598 Photo : London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images

Booo! So it is the time of the year again when the imagination of people is at its peak and goosebumps are constant. And before we hang those lovely blinking bulbs on our window panes, we first enjoy the lighted pumpkins, bats, and spider web decors creatively placed on the porch. Yes, the Trick-o'-Treat season is yet here once again. And apart from the yummy zombie cookies that everyone enjoys during this time, there's also that crazy tradition of delighting in scaring others with the horror films we watch every Halloween's eve.

The horror aficionados are out again, arguing about the horror movie collections to watch during the Halloween sleepover. With the thousands and thousands of horror films that are present in the scary-film library since they were first created, avid fans would argue which one would be the scariest.

As these people would love to argue, the scariest film will actually depend on the viewer's opinion and will remain so. Something that might be scary for me might not be for you, or vice versa.

But here is one sensible argument about horror films. So the creepiest films to date are actually subdivided into different categories that movie enthusiasts are already confused on what a horror concept should really be about.

And before that, here is a trivia for you. The first ever horror film was only 3 minutes long and it was created in 1896 by the French filmmaker Georges Melies. The short film titled "Le Manoir Du Diable" ("The Devil's Castle/The Haunted Castle") featured the first horror stars which were a vampire, a bat, a demon, a skeleton, and a witch.

So as much as you love to see "The Saw," "Jaw," or the "Chainsaw Massacre," I won't take them under the horror genre because they are creepy suspense thriller films for me. Wouldn't you agree?

So with all the top 10, top 12, top 30, and so on list there is, I'm noting 5 true horror films that scared me right down to the bones. From the classics to the modern, I hope in the end you will come to agree with my choices and would re-watch them too on the 31st.

At Top 5 - "The Exorcist" (1973)

This movie, I think started it all -- or maybe I was just born in a later generation -- that this was the oldest recorded horror movie I can find in our then-VHS tape movie library. This William Friedkin movie dealt with a 12-year-old girl who was then suffering under a demonic possession. Her mother attempted to win her daughter back and called for two priests to help her through exorcism. I guess this was the mother of all exorcism films and all based-on-real-life horror movies.

The movie seemed so real, considering the fact that the 1970s didn't hold much technology for convincing effect. One of the scariest parts of the film was when the priests were talking to the devil inside the girl's soul, then she suddenly turned her head in 360 degrees. I wonder how the little girl survived that head twisting if it really happened in real life.

Stories have it that the horror of the film was even felt off-screen when mysterious incidents started to happen like the main actor's son was hit by a motorbike. People then would say that the film was cursed. However, despite the troubled production of the movie, "The Exorcist" became one of the top-grossing films in the history, earning more than $441 million sales worldwide. So this film deserves to be in almost all lists of top horror films.

Top 4 - "Paranormal Activity" (2007)

This was the first movie I got really scared of without even seeing what I was scared of. Well, like they say, it is scarier when you don't see "it."

This indie/documentary horror film followed the life of couple Katie and Micah, who extremely suffered from a strong presence of an unseen supernatural force in their home. When Katie claimed that she is being followed by something that she isn't sure what is, the couple set up video cameras in different parts of the house in the hopes of capturing what is it really that is disturbing them. Katie then calls for a demonologist to help them, yet backs out claiming the demon doesn't want him in the house.

Recalling the scenes, the disturbing events started when Micah brought home an Ouija board. A series of terrifying events then started to happen and the documentary style of the movie made it even scarier for viewers. It was like I was a part of the film and the scariest part that I can remember was when Micah was dragged out of bed by an unseen "I-don't-know-what" and he found Katie in a dark room.

The movie ended without revealing what was haunting them and unfortunately, both of them died.

Top 3 - "The Blair Witch Project" (1999)

Before the "Paranormal Activity" was "The Blair Witch Project" which has been a much talked about horror documentary film.

The film, which people debated on if it was real or merely a fiction, revolved around the story of three student filmmakers who hiked in Black Hills in 1994. They set foot to the hill to film a documentary about a legendary character, Blair Witch. After trying to find out the mysteries covering the hill, the three just disappeared but their video recorder and other equipment were recovered, revealing their scary adventures.

Like the "Paranormal Activity," this movie became successful in scaring the viewers because it was filmed like it was happening for real. Since it was the first effective horror documentary, the movie sparked discussions whether it was authentic or not.

Basically, the unseen forces -- again -- that were hunting the students made it crazy scary.

Top 2 - "Ju-on: The Grudge" Japanese Version (2002)

The original Japanese version might be a challenge to watch because of the language, but the characters and the acts made it seem so real.

Toshio, the boy hunting Rika, was actually not scary but his sudden appearances were very effective that one would even jump off his chair while watching. The terrifying part went out when Kayako's presence was introduced.

Kayako was murdered by her husband out of jealousy. Their family cat was so unfortunate that it was also stabbed to death, adding to the thrilling sound effects in the movie. Funny yet scary. The appearances of Kayako, slowly crawling to her victims, were epic. The slow-motion movement made the horror longer, I couldn't even breathe every time she appeared.

The movie ended with the mysteries and curses unresolved. The movie was like a big puzzle, but the acting, visuals and the audio were the biggest elements that made this movie notable in this list.

Top 1 - "The Conjuring" (2013)

I almost died when I watched this film. "The Conjuring" singlehandedly defined what a real horror movie should be like. I watched this several times after the first, but I still had the same reactions. Yes...even after finally memorizing when the spirits will appear or attack or make their presence felt, I still screamed as loudly; I could even audition my screaming voice and volume to "Scream Queens."

First Clap! Second Clap! Third Clap!

I've never wanted to play any hide-and-seek game in my life, ever again. The elements in the movie were so effectively put together that the whole film felt like a continuous series of appearances of spirits. Like a total horror movie. It was like when you buy a 10 dollar popcorn, you get something like an overflowing 20 dollar pack...Yes, you'd get so much more from the movie which has become scarier than any other horror films made.

So this was a real-life story. Of course it was edited to make it look much scarier on screen, but some of the happenings were based on true-to-life events. My friend from the U.K told me so, too, because the Anabelle doll that was presented in the first part of the movie is currently guarded in a museum in London.

The characters also existed in real life. And I bet, everyone already saw the movie.

The paranormal events that took place every 3:07 a.m. (without amiss) were intensely hideous. The terror escalated scene after scene. I gasped particularly when Carolyn Peron held a match stick in her hand and the fire kept going off, then a voice suddenly spoke requesting for another round of a Hide and Clap game. The addition of the real life demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren brought out all the demons in the house, including Bathsheba who possessed members of the Peron family. And then all the other horror films in history can now be forgotten because this one really nailed it.

And among the "Conjuring" movies that went out including "Annabelle" and "The Conjuring 2," this first installment got the biggest box office sales.

So, if you agree with this list, maybe you can try one of these during the Halloween or maybe you can binge-watch them all.

So what's in your top-list?

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