Facebook Live Now Available On Live TV; Social Media's Influence Continues To Expand

By Cameron , Oct 14, 2016 05:05 PM EDT

Great news from Facebook! Facebook Live is no longer relegated to the social network's app. Web and iOS users can now stream content from Facebook to their television set through devices like the Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

With the "success" of Live Video on Facebook, which allows users to broadcast clips to the social networks in real time, Facebook developed this feature to further market the Facebook "Live Video" experience for its user base. In an announcement written by Brent Ayrey, he wrote, "We're focused on creating video experiences that people want, and we've heard that people want different options for how and where they watch videos that they discover on Facebook."

But what may be an innovative idea for technology and entertainment, it might also be a step closer in users further losing social skills. Some people are already concerned about how social media affects people's lives, and wonder what the social media will invade next.

In an article written at a Student Printz, it talks about how social media affects human interaction. It has, without a doubt, made life easier, but critics state that social media compromises human social skills . Researchers found that word-of-mouth exchanges and in-depth conversation are still the most influential in terms of communicating. Researchers also pointed out that a person can never learn nonverbal emotion cues from a screen in the way one can learn it from face-to-face communication.

As for now, experts are still debating if advancement in technology on how humans interact and share information is a good thing or will it drown us more deep into isolation. For the answer to this, people would just have to wait and see. 

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