Germany Sends Letters To Tesla Autopilot Drivers, Reminds Them To Be Cautious

By Jiran , Oct 15, 2016 12:14 AM EDT

Germany's Federal Motor Authority has recently sent letters to Tesla vehicle owners. Drivers are reminded to exercise extreme caution in using Tesla's Autopilot function. This is amidst the danger that the American automaker's driver assistance system may cause.

Germany Is Taking An Action

According to Reuters, the letter contains warning on using the said function without the driver's unrestricted attention. The Federal Motor Authority also pointed out that it is designed to only assist the driver.

People should know that it is not fully-automated. Thus, the cars with the Autopilot function should not be left by itself. Drivers have to remain attentive and not depend on the Autopilot.

The letter also states that drivers need to follow Germany's road traffic regulations. This requires vigilance and control of the vehicles at all times, especially when using the Autopilot system.

Reuters also reports that the country's Transport Ministry has been conducting studies into the said function. They recently called it a "considerable traffic hazard". This is according to German magazine Der Spiegel.

Tesla already mentioned that it is not intended to replace drivers. The automaker made sure to point that out for the past months.

First Autopilot Related Accidents

It should be remembered that the Autopilot function of Tesla Model S was heavily scrutinized back in May. This is after a man was killed in Florida while using the Autopilot.

According to Engadget, that was not the only accident related to the said function. There was another accident in July that is yet to be confirmed. The crash in China in August also puts more question in the safety of Tesla's cars.

The automaker may want to consider renaming the Autopilot function. It just gives a different meaning and makes drivers less attentive on the road. People should be more careful in using it. Otherwise, they might risk another accident.

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