Google News Makes Distinction Between Fact And Fiction, Adds Fact Check Tag

By Jiran , Oct 15, 2016 01:55 AM EDT

The Google News has just been improved upon with a new feature. Google recently announced the Fact Check tag. This is an addition to the sites labeled article types and the recent Local Source tag. It will help readers to determine articles that are actually fact-based.

The new feature will also make a distinction if an article contains fact checks or not.

What Is The Fact Check Tag Feature?

Google's Head of News Richard Gingras said on its website that readers can now notice the tagged articles in the expanded story box. They can be seen on

It will also be visible to iOS and Android device users in the US and the UK. They can do that by using the Google News & Weather apps.

This new feature will display a fact check label next to news stories. Google described it as an effort to divide fact from fiction. It was further stated that this is applicable to sites who already have a fact-checking service. The sites can request to be added in the search results.

The tech company can identify whether an article needs a fact check. This can be achieved by means of the claim review markup.

Fact Checking

According to BBC, fact-checking has already become more popular for the past few years. The Duke University Reporter's Lab revealed that there are more than 100 fact checking sites online.

It's commendable for Google to do something about fact checking. Though Facebook is still now doing anything about it. According to Tech Crunch, news that is displayed on the famous social networking site has to be fact-checked.

Apparently, news articles that are not even credible can trend. Facebook does not seem to address the issue. Users can be misled by reading rumor, hoax or conspiracy theory articles. The tech company recently assured that it will develop technology to prevent fake stories in its Trending topics.

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