No Shave November: Do Men Really Get More Attractive When They Grow Their Beards?

By Sai , Oct 16, 2016 03:27 PM EDT

Beards are considered as a man's crowning glory. A recent study claims that a man's beard is most likely to enhance his physical aura, making him more attractive. The said study further suggested that men might want to stop themselves from shaving as it could actually boost their masculinity than a clean-shaven face.

According to a report released by the Daily Mail, experts have found out that that having an unshaven beard emphasizes the size of a man's jawline. Study lead author, Dr. Barnaby Dixson of Queensland University in Australia has noted that not all beards are equal.

A "semi-shaved" beard can be a sign of being prone to women seeking a short term relationship, while a fuller beard can mean a more reliable partner to settle down with. Dixson, together with his colleagues, have also found that a man becomes more attractive when he possesses more masculine facial features such as a wider jawline and an emphasized brow ridge.

As per Medical News Today, a woman's perception when it comes to their choice of partners could possibly be based on the beards of men she feels attracted to. For instance, an old research elsewhere suggests that a number of women prefer a man with facial hair rather than a clean-shaven man for long-lasting relationships; as opposed to the idea that women would prefer a more masculine man for a short term relationship.

So apart from the fact that "No Shave November" is actually intended for raising awareness of embracing hair which cancer patients lose, you can also make it as a time for you to increase the chances of being preferred by a woman when it comes to your physical qualities.Gentlemen, it is time to drop your razors.

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