Is Clash Of Clans Really Glitch-free With October Update?

At long last, the much awaited Clash of Clans update has finally arrived. Supercell, as what they've promised since day one, is starting to make things a little bit more interesting. The said update is deemed to introduce a couple of hefty features along with a number of improvements. Now, the question that matters is: will the hit mobile game finally be glitch-free?

The most talked about Clash of Clans update was revealed via the title's official Twitter account. It was promised to offer enhancements and/or improvements which could make the game more stable than it was before. Unfortunately though, there were some issues encountered by the players.

Fans of Clash of Clans are said to have experienced a great deluge of issues. This happened moments after the aforementioned update was unleashed. The problem was said to be found in the game's special packages, something that arrived along with the update.

Fortunately, the team behind Clash of Clans were quick to resolve the issue. They were able to mitigate the problem a day after the aforesaid update was released. Using the same social media site, the devs confirmed that the game is now glitch-free while being put back online.

One of the major features brought by the latest Clash of Clans update is the so-called Friendly Wars. The announcement was revealed by the studio in the game's official site. This one here pertains to a war or challenge that could only last for a short period of time (perhaps an hour or so). It'll only involve 10 players, with five members for each team.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Supercell has already made a move to improve two of the newest Clash of Clans features. These are the Clash Friends and, as mentioned above, Friendly Challenge. These were said to have been updated as per request by the people in the community.

What are your thoughts on Clash of Clans as well as the new update? Do you feel like it's completely glitch-free now? What other features are you looking forward to in the next days to come? Be sure to voice out your thoughts at the comment section below!

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