EXO News: Update On Lay's Health; Fan Sets Up Hidden Camera In Their Hotel?

Earlier last week, EXO member Lay or Zhang Yixing was reported to have fainted while at the Incheon airport. The group except D.O. was about to board the plane when Lay suddenly fainted. According to reports, Lay is now well and will make sure to take care of his health. Meanwhile, reports about another fan installing hidden camera in one of the boy's hotel overseas are circulating online. It was Suho who allegedly spotted the camera first and quickly pointed it out to the guard.

SM Entertainment has informed the public that Lay's condition was due to sleep deprivation. But the doctor said the singer only needs enough rest and he is good to go. He was placed in the dorm to have rest.

Last October 11, pictures of Lay in a stretcher was posted online. Reports state that the group was on their way to Japan for their scheduled concert in Sapporo when Lay suddenly fainted. He was quickly rushed to the hospital while the rest of the group had to leave without him. Fortunately, Lay was able to get his much-needed rest and was able to travel to Japan as scheduled with D.O.

After that, Lay writes a personal message to his fans in his Weibo account, thanking them and promising to take care of his health "Thank you all for your troubles. I came to Chengdu for the first time in a while and I miss you all so much. Everyone, please stay safe. I too will make sure to sleep well from this point forward."

In other news, another hidden camera was reported caught by the group's guard in their hotel room. Leaked photos of the incident showed Suho spotting one of the cameras and pointing it to the guard. Another angle of the scene was also seen which means there are several cameras installed in the hotel. There are no confirmations yet as to when the incident happened or the identity of the person who did it.

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