Pokemon GO News, Tricks: How To Turn Of Annoying Push Notifications

A Pokemon GO update has been released that is expected to increase daily visit count through push notifications. The game will begin sending notifications on one's device as a reminder that the latest Pokemon Go app has been installed and that it is still in existence. A new feature or bug has also been spotted to avoid liability when gamers play while driving.

Pokemon GO game developer Niantic reportedly released the push notifications feature to encourage users to login which will in turn increase the game's daily visitors. It should be noted that daily visit activities are used to measure the success of an app. Apparently, this is said to be a common strategy of App developers hoping that a daily reminder could prompt the users to return to the game. However, a number of gamers may opt to be excluded from such feature since it keeps notifying the user to log in every now and then.

The Pokemon GO feature may be disabled by accessing the app settings and disabling the push notifications feature. Niantic may opt to use the feature to notify the gaming population that new updates are coming. Pokemon trainers are reportedly expecting a new map tracker at the very least.

In other news, Niantic previously shut down all third party tracking apps' access to the game. However, the developers did not release any map tracker as a replacement and even confirmed that the upcoming tracker being tested in San Francisco has no set time to be unlocked worldwide. Additionally, a new bug has been found in the game when going above "driving speed" in the game.

Pokemon GO reportedly shuts off the "Sightings" nearby list completely when going over the driving speed. Moreover, no Pokemon may be spawned during this time. However, it is also rumored to be a new feature from Niantic to avoid gamers to play while driving. Watch video about GET NEARBY POKÉMON NOTIFICATIONS IN POKÉMON GO

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