Motorrad Vision Next 100: Could This Motorbike Save Your Life?

By Lester Mondragon , Oct 17, 2016 12:17 PM EDT

Yes, this motorbike could save your life. You won't need to wear protective gear when riding one, according to BMW.

The technological advancement of Motorrad Vision Next 100 has futuristic approach of its amenities and design; it is the vehicle of tomorrow. BMW boasts that you wouldn't have to wear a helmet when riding this motorbike. One of the features of Motorrad Vision Next 100 is its self-balancing system in motion or on still mode. BMW said that it will satisfy all riders of different skills with its amazing performance and riding experience.

This wonderful ride is even equipped with self-driving technology that feeds data to the driver's visor providing you with ease in navigation called intelligent assistance systems. The control panel, that will deliver the essential information of the riders driving, is found on the smart glasses or the visor. It is no longer found on the motorbike. This motorbike relays the connection of the digital world in riding for the future. The creation of the Motorrad Vision Next 100 was carefully etched to give a slick masterpiece and riding comfort and beauty for the rider. All angles are considered as useful and its aesthetics well thought of, Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design, BMW Motorrad, said.

One of the safety features that Motorrad Vision Next 100 is balancing the rider and the motorbike if the driver over leans to the right or to the left; the bike will automatically align itself and the rider to normal balance. The riders' suit is also designed specifically for its rider not only for the riding comfort but also for its fashion statement as well, BMW designers said.

Since the bike is embedded with artificial intelligence, it interacts with the rider and the environment for safety and control. Now, this is the ride of the future.

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