Is Nuka World Really The Last Fallout 4 DLC?

As iterated in the past, yes, Nuka World will be the last DLC for Fallout 4. Obviously, it's not something that would paint a smile to most fans -- regardless of its success. Hence there are those who cling to the hope that more contents are on its way. That Bethesda, in one way or another, is just playing the silent game. Are they?

According to iDigitalTimes, a Fallout 4 fan was able to notice that the game's SteamDB page was just updated. And if one is to look at the DLC section, he'll see a listing for the so-called "SteamDB Unknown App." It's believed that the latter was updated around 9 days ago. At some point, looking into it might mean a new content in development.

For Pete Hines, however, the answer to these Fallout 4 inquiries is a resounding no. He reiterated that Nuka World will be the last DLC for the title. The interesting part, though, is that he's fully "aware" of the supposed SteamDB.

In a sense, Hines is basically denying the rumored existence of another Fallout 4 DLC. However, as noted by the publication, his particular way of repeatedly saying "was" to the fans is quite interesting. That he could probably mean that the latest content was initially meant as a close out for the Season Pass. So yeah, there's a chance that these plans might have changed. If so, though, it's mere speculation.

As for the Fallout 4 SteamDB listing, it could mean a thing or two. Perhaps Bethesda is set to release a game of the year edition of sorts on Steam -- something that would offer all of the entire set in one single price. Or perhaps, it could stand as a feature-packed bundle. One thing's for sure, though: something is happening within the aforesaid page, and only time can tell what this is.

What's your take on Nuka World being the last DLC for Fallout 4? Do you also think that it needs more contents in the future? What can you say about the SteamDB page? What does it say to you? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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