‘The Boondock Saints 3' Spoilers, News And Updates: Big Details Hinted By Norman Reedus; Chris Pratt, Brad Pitt To Take Major Roles?

By Joseph S. , Oct 18, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Finally, after the release of the original movie 10 years ago, "The Boondock Saints 3" will be coming to your favorite theaters again. The original film was one of the most surprising cult movies in the 90s. It was a rather small-budgeted film but was accepted by the fans and the critics very well at that time.

The New Movie Will Have Major Hollywood Stars

There are reports coming out that "The Boondock Saints 3" will star two major Hollywood celebrities. Possible casting may include Chris Pratt or Brad Pitt. If the two sign up with the film, this could be a potential blockbuster.

What The Original Story Is About

The original story is about two (twin) brothers who embarked on a mission to fight crime and get rid of evil men in their Irish hometown. To do this, the twin brothers have to use their own brand of justice. The first film was action packed and captured the hearts of millions of fans. It even got a sequel and was regarded as one of the successful cult movies of all time.

The "Saints" Stayed On For 15 years

Because of its first two movies, "The Boondock Saints" lived on for the following 15 years after the first film released in 1999. This was due to the re-releases of home videos of its title and marketing of online merchandise related to the film. A big help to its success is the effort of its original stars to interact socially with the community and the dedication provided by the creators of the movie.

A Big Stepping Stone For "The Walking Dead' Star

"The Boondock Saints" was also instrumental in the success of Norman Reedus, the current star of "The Walking Dead." Reedus played the role of one of the twins and led him to take up the role as one of "The Walking Dead" main characters. Meanwhile, Troy Duffy, the writer, creator and would-be director of "The Boondock Saints 3" has released in January and April some images of the movie script.

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