Watch Dogs 2 Update: Deeper Look Into Multiplayer And Side Missions

Early reviews of Watch Dogs 2 are looking to be positive. Specifically, players are greatly enjoying the new and improved multiplayer aspect of the game, offering a whole different experience of the Bay Area when explored with a friend.

Folks over at IGN commented on their experience playing Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer, saying that the game is more entertaining and "chaotic" when in a team. There are various ways to utilize teamwork in the sequel, one of which is creating different tactics and plans in completing a mission by making use of each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Is An Entirely New Experience

"This is where the multiplayer really shines," Zachary Ryan commented. "Truly, a clear example of teamwork making the dream work."

Another feature they got to try is Bounty Hunting. The PvP aspect in Watch Dogs 2 taps in other human players that will either hunt or be hunted by the players. They can choose if they wish to be hunted, which will prompt cops and other players to chase them for a prize. They can also wreak havoc, which can be done in various and creative ways, to have bounties placed on their heads.

As a conclusion, the recreation of San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2 and the unique experience to every player are possibly the winning aspects of the game.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Missions Play Into The Main Storyline

In other news, the Watch Dogs 2 side missions have been confirmed by Lucien Soulban, a writer of the title, as essential to the main storyline. This means that gamers will not actually feel that these side quests are boring and do not contribute to the overall game experience.

According to Gaming Bolt, the Watch Dogs 2 side missions will have more meaning and by making them important, Ubisoft will have addressed one of the biggest issues in their titles.

Watch Dogs 2 is set to launch on Nov. 15 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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