'Sherlock' Season 4 News & Updates: Benedict Cumberbatch Addresses Rumors About Series Ending; More Installments Possible After Season 4

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Oct 18, 2016 01:08 PM EDT

Fans of the British-American crime drama TV series "Sherlock" were alarmed earlier this month when lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch seemed to give a strong hint that the upcoming "Sherlock" season 4 might be the series finale. However, as the rumors swirling around kept getting more distorted, Cumberbatch decided to address the hysteria in a recent interview.

In his interview with GQ earlier this month, Cumberbatch gave a thought-provoking comment about the season 4 of "Sherlock," stating, "The idea of never playing him again is really galling. It might be the end of an era. It feels like the end of an era, to be honest." This statement was deeply taken by fans and the press as it seemed to tease an impending ending for the hit series.

It can be recalled that earlier this year, "Sherlock" co-creator Steven Moffat also talked about the probability that the upcoming fourth installment might be the last when he said he was unsure "how long we can keep it going," referring to the show. However, Moffat countered the bad news after a month when he teased some plot elements that might lead the show to a possible renewal for season 5, saying, "In terms of a specific plan, there are ideas that we haven't gotten to yet."

With all the speculations coming out and the confusion among fans, Cumberbatch decided to address the rumors and the issues where he was misinterpreted. In a more recent interview, he described the reports about his previous statement "a complete distortion."

Prior to that, the actor claimed that the journalist only "tried to make something sensational" out of his earlier quote, which led to deep confusion among the show's followers. "What I actually said ... is it is the last one for now," he explained.

To put Sherlock Holmes' fans at ease, Cumberbatch tried to explain further and said, "We love doing the show and all I'll say about it is that we're all very busy, we're all doing other things now and you'll have to see the fourth season to realize why, for now, it's not going to happen again at the same regularity that it has been happening...But we'll see, we'll never say never and when it's right, if it's right, we'll do more."

Now based on his latest statements, the future of "Sherlock" is now clearer and fans can expect to see more installments after the new season. Talks now have it that "Sherlock" season 4 will air sometime in 2017, but the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

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