Pokemon GO Cheat Still Works With Latest Update; How To Catch Pokemon Without Leaving Your House

Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!
Pokemon GO has just been updated to version 1.11.4, fixing minor bugs. But the greatest hack ever can still be used. Here's how to install it. Photo : The Official Pokémon Channel/YouTube

One of the most useful Pokemon GO cheats has been proven to be working still after the latest update. The version 1.11.4 recently released a few days ago brought minor fixes. Thankfully, it did not fix the cheat that allows players to roam the map and catch Pokemon without even leaving their homes.

Pokemon GO Cheat: How To Put Joystick In Your Game

The Pokemon GO cheat works by integrating a joystick in the app, which players can use to move their avatar around the map. This would then trigger Pokemon spawns, allowing the players to catch monsters even if at home, chilling on the couch.

The YouTube user iCrackUriDevice posted a video, which can be seen below, showing how to install the Pokemon GO hack. First, you will need a computer and the latest version of iTunes installed.

Then you can go here (PokemonGOhacks.me) to download Cydia Impactor and the Pokemon GO 1.11.4 hack. These should not take too long to download as these are relatively small files. Once downloaded, install the Cydia Impactor on your Mac or Windows PC.

Then, delete the Pokemon GO app from your phone. No matter what version it is, it must be deleted before you plug the device into your computer. Once it is connected, open iTunes then open the Cydia Impactor program. It should automatically detect your phone.

Leave the dropbox be even if it says Android. You can then drag the icon of the hack to the interface, which should prompt you to input your Apple ID username or email. Wait for the app to install and you will see the Pokemon GO icon in your phone again.

However, you can't use Pokemon GO right away as it is an "untrusted" app. First, you must "trust" the device by heading on to Settings > General > Device Management > Your Apple ID > Trust then click Trust again.

You can then launch the app and log in with your Trainer account. You will see the regular app, but with two additions: a joystick and an M symbol at the top left. Tap the M and select the gear icon to bring you to Settings, from there you need to toggle the Fake Location option on.

After that, you can now freely use the joystick. With it, you can wander through the map with your companion Pokemon and earn km and catch monsters in the process.

Pokemon GO Cheat Does Not Require Jailbreak

The best thing about this Pokemon GO hack is it does not require your phone to be jailbroken. Also, it is relatively safe to use even though Niantic is hard at work punishing bots and cheaters by implementing bans. Although you are not 100% safe from the dev's eyes, there are ways to avoid getting even a soft ban as explained in the video.

Per BGR, this Pokemon GO cheat is perfect for the upcoming winter season. You can stay ahead of competition even if it's freezing outside. This is also an option for those who would like to catch them all without going through the hassle of exploring the neighborhood and the country because not all of us can't really give up our lives and jobs just to catch AR monsters.

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