Nomulus Goes Open-Source: Platform Powering Google’s .google And .foo Domains Now Available For Free

By Kristen Hortaleza , Oct 18, 2016 05:45 PM EDT

Over the years, people have accustomed themselves to the .com's, .net's and other country level top level domains (TLD's) like .uk and .nz. This has always been the case in the realm of the internet until the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN ) decided to expand the number of generic TLDs in 2008.

With this change, Google decided to step up and apply for new TLDs that are geared to strengthen their trademark, improve user experience and express creative possibilities. After all, what's the internet going to be like without some good old dose of creativity?

In relation to this, Google has finally released a Java-based registry platform that is responsible for Google's own top level domains. This is called Nomulus, a 2012 project that Google has been working on. According to TechCrunch, Nomulus is the platform that Google uses to manage all the registration data for domains that fall under its TLDs.

This also handles all the requests to buy, renew and transfer domains. Nomulus is tightly integrated with Google's Cloud Platform, utilizing the Google Cloud Datastore as its backend database and running on App Engine. The best thing about this is that everyone can use it for free.

An example of Google's venture in testing this source of innovation is their new corporate blog at The site is referred to as "The Keyword" and is a new central source for news and stories about the search giant.

So far, this is Google's first take on a broadcasted, non-domain industry website under its .brand TLD. With this step taken by Google, users will know that the company is aiming for longevity and has a lot of things in store for their users in the future.

After all, Google wants to open up more choices for internet domain names to promote diversity among individual websites. With Nomulus, the internet will surely be a much more engaging, much more colorful place. 

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