The Latest Instagram Stories Update Further Rivalry With Snapchat

By Jiran , Oct 19, 2016 04:33 AM EDT

Instagram is bringing its Stories on the Explore tab. The Snapchat-like feature is no longer limited to the user's profile and his/her followers' Feeds. The update will serve more than 100 million people that access Explore every day.

Instagram Stories On Explore

Instagram Stories that was launched in August normally appears on the user's profile. However, the photos and videos from the story are not displayed on the user's profile grid. Tapping the profile picture will allow people to see your story.

This is also the case in the Feeds of your followers. The recent change on the Instagram Stories enables shared Stories to appear in Search & Explore.

Instagram also explained that users will be able to find new Stories a lot easier. This is especially helpful for people who want to see photos and videos from people they don't follow. Instagram will display the most interesting new stories from all users.

You don't have to worry about encountering Stories that you might not like. Instagram assures that the suggested stories they are going to display are those you will enjoy.

The Stories on the Explore tab is now available on Android and iOS.

The Rivalry With Snapchat

Everyone knows that the Instagram Stories is inspired by Snapchat. They are definitely similar in more ways than one. Though this does not stop Instagram from attracting one-third of its 300 million daily users to interact with stories.

According to The Verge, the latest update of Instagram is called for. Snapchat Stories does not offer the same capability. Instead, it has recently updated its Stories with Playlist.

Instagram should do more than this new update. They are yet to have face-altering filters and long-storage of Stories like Snapchat. The move of Instagram may also be intended to resolve the decline of their users' sharing rate.

People should expect an update from Snapchat soon.

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