Kanye West Denies Ranting Was About Drake During Concert; San Pablo Tour Extended Across U.S.

In Kanye West's Edmonton stop of his Saint Pablo tour, he was ranting about other artist copying his style and fans are quick to speculate that it was definitely Drake. However, recent reports indicate that Kanye was not pertaining to Drake at all. Meanwhile, Yeezy fans out there are excited to hear that West has extended his tour across U.S. including Washington, California, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Florida, and more.

While the rapper was performing "Freestyle 4", he suddenly stopped the music and said "This the original... Accept no imitations. You with the rap god right now. Niggas be copying my shit bro. Stealing our shit, stealing stages. Copying our shit one-to-one." The crowd was on hype probably thinking who the rapper is referring to.

But sources close to the rapper denies all speculations that he is referring to Drake. According to reports, Kanye was talking about the younger guys joining the rap world who tries to imitate him. As a matter of fact, the rapper actually respects Drake and possibly make music together in the future, the source adds. If this is true, maybe Kanye was just pumping up his audience and he was just misunderstood.

Meanwhile, West has extended his Saint Pablo Tour and will visit 20 more U.S. cities until the end of the year. The extended tour will start on November 17 and will have stops from California, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Ontario, Colorado, Georgia and all the way up to the East coast. He will also have rescheduled dates in Detroit and Philadelphia since his performance there was canceled due to Kim Kardashian's robbery incident. His last two concerts on December 30 and 31 will be in Brooklyn at Barclay center as afterward, he will have a New Year's eve gig at the same venue.

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