China Tech Company LeEco Launches In US Today

By Edge Ison , Oct 20, 2016 04:29 AM EDT

LeEco debuted in the US with an event held earlier at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. The Chinese company showcased some of its flagship products in front of an audience and through live streaming.

The tech and media company is involved and have plans to dip its hand in a number of industries, according to a report. They are already in the smartphone industry and are in fact one of the first companies to employ the Snapdragon 820 processor and USB Type-C port in their products. They also produce connected TVs, VR headsets, headphones and dash cameras among others.

LeEco has also partnered with Faraday and Aston Martin to produce an electric car called LeSee. They unveiled their concept car during the event.

Another product which was showcased during the event which CNET says was previously debuted last month is getting some mixed reviews. The electric bicycle they call the Super Bike is "littered with gadgetry" according to a The Verge reporter who took the bike for a spin. The SuperBike has an adjustable headlight, turn signals, and laser running lights - features that actually make sense. A Shimano Deore 30-speed gearset was also utilized apparently to attract serious bikers.

What makes the SuperBike different is that it is powered by Google's Android software which they call the Bike OS. This tech allows the bike to utilize a GPS system, and security features such as smart locks, security alarms, and a fingerprint scanner. The Super Bike is also capable of taking photos, playing music and making calls. The battery, meanwhile, can be charged from the front wheel or by using a microUSB.

The so-called "Netflix of China" was founded by Jia Yueting in 2004 as LeTV, the country's largest and most successful video streaming company. It changed its name to LeEco, short for Le Ecosystem, last year. In June, the company completed the acquisition of Yahoo's 48.6-acre site in Santa Clara. The Beijing-based LeEco doled out $250 million for the campus to start off their operations in North America.

What separates it from all the other companies that they compared themselves to is that LeEco will allow users to have a say on the design and price of their products. Their business model focuses on having an "open ecosystem" where the consumers have a direct relationship with the content players.

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