iPhone 8 Release Date Rumors: Will Apple Defy September Tradition And Launch Anniversary Apple In Advance?

The iPhone 7 hype is already settling down and people are now looking forward to next year's smartphones. With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus' minimal upgrades, it's just fair to wonder what Apple is saving for the iPhone 8. It's worth noting that the iPhone 8 is Apple's 10th iPhone release, making it somewhat special. This is why the theory of an early iPhone 2017 release has also been a discussion.

iPhone 8 Release Date

The iPhone is usually launched every September, at least for the past few years, Tech Radar reported. However, the first iPhone was introduced in January and released in June. This brings in the idea that Apple might take fans by surprise and release the iPhone 8 earlier. It's not entirely impossible, especially now that Apple has proven itself to be very random. The company's life-changing decision to oust the 3.5mm jack was a clear statement that they don't mind change.

PC Advisor says that since the next iPhone is an anniversary iPhone, it won't be a surprise if the company would mix things up a bit. Needless to say, until Apple announces something, fans should still expect the next iPhone to be released sometime September. If the Cupertino company decides to be random, then let it be a happy surprise.

iPhone 8 Rumors

As of now, details about the iPhone 8 are still rumor-based. Although most rumors usually end up being true, it might be too early to judge for the iPhone 8. What's known so far is that the next iPhone could finally steer away from being iPhone 6-inspired. Since it would be an anniversary iPhone and since Apple is allegedly skipping the S model name, the iPhone 8 could come with a radically new design. An all-glass look and a display-embedded scanner are just two of the awaited features of the iPhone 8.

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