Overwatch Pro Match Winner Used Bastion To Wipe Out Competition

For those who have been playing Overwatch since it was introduced many months ago, using Bastion in pro-matches is just like allowing other people to kick your butt willingly. However, in a recent pro-match game, an Overwatch player did exactly that but got the opposite result; he kicked his opponents butts using Bastion.

It is common knowledge in the Overwatch world that in amateur level matches, Bastion is a very formidable enemy. However, once a player goes into a head-to-head match with the pros, Bastion is a bad choice. This is what the other gamers thought when NoName, a South Korean player from the LW team, decided to use the character in the last minutes of what the majority thought was a losing game.

The combat happened in Volskaya map and the other team, Kongdoo Panthera, was on the upper hand giving Team LW a hard time to break through the gauntlet. With 15 seconds left to the game, everybody knew that the Panthera team will take home the bacon. That's when the magic began. NoName suddenly decided to go Full Quick Play using Bastion.

What he did surprised everyone as he got on Volskaya's platform and into turret mode as he started blasting everyone who got in his way. Pros might snicker at the strategy calling it garbage and the 'most baby vomit' strategy in the history of Overwatch. Those who use it are always met with criticism as such strategy reportedly destroys relationships and friendships. Overwatch pros even go as far as using the metaphor for Donald Trump supporters who will elect the Republican candidate.

The Overwatch Pro match player absolutely didn't care at that time and it proved that his instinct was correct because he turned the tide of fate for his team. Kongdoo Panthera did not expect it and they could have kicked their butts at that moment for not being able to see it.

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