10,000 Endangered Frogs Mysteriously Dies In Peru Lake

By Anna Bringas , Oct 20, 2016 04:54 AM EDT

Peruvian authorities are now investigating the mysterious death linked to thousands of Titicaca water frogs in South America.

The Giant Amphibians scientifically known as Telmatobius Coleus weigh more than 2 pounds and contain excessive skin folds.

"Their wrinkly skin folds is an adaptation to help them absorb more oxygen from the water, possibly because they live at such high altitudes,Ph.D.,"says Jonathan Kolby,Ph.D.student in Southern America.

Thousands Of Endangered Frogs Poisoned

The frogs have grown common in Peru's lake. But over the past years, their population immensely declined by 80 percent, making it critically endangered.

Yesterday, an even major blow hit the species as more 10,000 were spotted lifelessly floating on the surface of the Coata River in Southern Peru.

The alert was made by an environmental group called the Committee Against Pollution of the Coata River. Maruja Inquilla Sucasaca, a representative from the Committee said that "The authorities don't realize how we're living. The pollution here is maddening, how could the state act so apathetic?" "We need a sewage plan now." She added.

Among the causes of death were human sewage from the town of Juliaca and heavy metal pollution, The Guardian reported.

Government Turns Blind Eye On Pollution Issues

According to the environmental group, they have long been protesting about the massive pollution happening in the area but the government seems to turn a blind eye on the issue. CNN reports that residents living near the Coata River held a demonstration bringing 100 dead frogs to the attention of environmental authorities.

During the initial investigation, authorities witnessed seagulls feeding off dead frogs.

Peruvian authorities are now working with Denver Zoo specialists, Roberto Elias and Enrique Ramos to test the samples of the water and determine the detailed reason behind the deaths of the Titicaca Water Frogs.

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