'Frozen 2' Storyline Revealed: Hans As Magic Mirror, Elsa Finding Her Perfect King

By stphntapulao , Oct 20, 2016 08:33 PM EDT

The Disney story "Frozen" has been a huge success and would always be a favorite movie of kids and kids at heart. With this, fans are excited with what's ahead regarding Elsa and Anna. But unfortunately, its creator remained silent about this in the past.

Movie News Guide believed that Frozen 2 would concentrate on spring. The creators of the hit movie are really careful with the details and the storyline of the sequel. They believed that Elsa and Anna, its lead characters, were the ones that kids look up to. Thus, the character's situation should be realistic and relatable to what's going on right now with little girls.

Christian Today reiterated that Kristen Bell, the one who played the role of Anna, confirmed the much-detailed work of the creators behind Frozen.

"They take a lot of time over there to just perfect it. It has to go through a lot of development to make sure it's exactly the story that needs to be told,"

It was also Bell who revealed previously that the sequel has already been written are in the process of tweaking here and there just to make it perfect and unusual.

Certain rumors regarding the storyline of the sequel spread around the online world. They believed that there will be an argument between the two sisters as to who will reign in Arendelle.

Meanwhile, Prince Hans, who was later discovered a villain and is greedy of the king's position, was speculated to be a magic mirror in the sequel.

Rumors also spread that Idina Menzel, who was the voice behind Queen Elsa, would not form part of the sequel and would be replaced by either performers Rihanna or Taylor Swift.

The producers and creators of the show did not confirm or deny the spreading rumors, as well as the release date for the sequel.

To relive the grandeur of Frozen and celebrate what is yet to come, here's the hit song from the movie:

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