Warner Films Coming To IMAX: Includes Blade Runner And Godzilla

By stphntapulao , Oct 20, 2016 08:53 PM EDT

Looks like IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros. Picture are yet to unfold another partnership as they revealed a worldwide agreement that includes film from the studio's line up extending both their 13 years of partnership.

According to My News LA, the joint statement includes IMAX having to release a live-action and world class animated films, on which classic director Steven Spielberg will also take part.

The sources gave out the titles in its 2017 release. Here are some:

  •  Kong Skull Island
  •  Blade Runner 2049
  •  Tomb Raider
  •  Godzilla
  •  Minecraft
  •  Fantastic Beast
  •  Justice League
  •  Wonder Woman
  •  Lego Batman Movie
  •  Dunkirk - a Christopher Nolan film

As cited in Dark Horizons, the release of each stated films in IMAX would be re-mastered digitally into high-quality image and sound suited for The IMAX Experience. By the help of crystal-clear images and world-class digital audio, it would create a new environment that would help its viewers enjoy more than the usual.

In a statement released by the president of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution of Warner Bros. Pictures Sue Kroll, she said:

"We are very pleased to continue our longstanding partnership with IMAX with these exceptional pictures and look forward to ensuring our audiences have the opportunity to see a range of diverse films on the largest and most immersive canvas possible,"

It was also confirmed that one of the reasons and factors as to why a movie could become a box-office success is because of IMAX pairing. It has helped tremendously in ticket sales; which raked in billions of dollars in box office.

Surely, this partnership would go far, making every movie time more fun and interesting. On our side, make sure to save up a great amount of money for the films that will be produced next year. With this happening, what could we, as an audience, expect from the movie and the entertainment industy? What could happen next from  this partnership? Bigger things indeed.

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