Nintendo Switch: 5 Features That Will Blow Gamers' Minds!

Nintendo Switch has just been unveiled through a YouTube video, finally giving a name to the long-teased new gaming platform from Nintendo. The never been-revealed platform is reported to be a tablet-based game device with detachable controllers that could be docked at home and display a number of games in the television.

Aside from giving multiplayer and single thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system is also expected to allow the gamers to play the same title at any time, any place, and with anyone they choose.  The new handheld's mobility is also included in the power of a home gaming system that allows exceptional new styles of video game play.

Based on the three-minute YouTube video, there are several different ways the Nintendo Switch could be played:

Any game can be played on the TV at home, then the Switch users can take the handheld platform with them on the go.

A game like Skyrim could also be played on an airplane tray table by setting up the Switch and detach the two one-handed controllers.

Pull out the regular-shaped separate controller and the Switch tablet user can play Splatoon on the go, then plug the device into a TV to continue the game at home.

Nintendo Switch is also confirmed to be powered by Nvidia's Tega processor. However, the teaser did not indicate any other details aside from providing a first glimpse of the new Super Mario game. Nevertheless, Nintendo has announced that the new handheld platform will be launched in March 2017.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch that was featured in the YouTube video appears to be nondescript. Given that, there are speculations that the new handheld platform will likely come in different shades.

Nintendo Switch mock up of the possible range has been reported, which includes variations of red, white, yellow and even throwback designs of Nintendo that seem to return when trying to market a new product, Kotaku reported. Watch a video of the first look at Nintendo Switch here:

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