‘Dragon Ball Super’ Surpasses ‘One Piece’ In Audience Share In Japan; Producer Wants To Beat ‘Doraemon,’ ‘Detective Conan’

The popularity of "Dragon Ball Super" in Japan has escalated as latest ratings data revealed the animated series slightly surpassed the also popular "One Piece." While "Doraemon" and "Detective Conan" remain on top of the game, "Dragon Ball Super" creator has expressed his desire to beat these shows one by one.

While enjoying global fame, "Dragon Ball Super" has a new feather on its cap as the series continued to dominate Japanese TV. According to a report from Video Research Ltd (VideoR), a TV audience research company based in Japan, "Dragon Ball Super" has exceeded "One Piece" in audience share, garnering 6.2 percent, which places them in no. 6 and 7 spots, respectively.

"Dragon Ball Super" Achieves Global Status

This is considerably a milestone for Toei Animation given that "One Piece" has already become a global phenomenon, not only on television but in terms of merchandising and other forms of franchise as well. Both "One Piece" and "Dragon Ball Super" are produced by Toei Animation in Japan.

 Toei Animation Vs. Doraemon, Detective Conan

Having two anime series in the top 10 does not stop Toei Animation to rest on its laurels. In fact, the producer wants to top off other classic shows that have also claimed international dominance: "Detective Conan" and "Doraemon." "Detective Conan" is ranked no. 5 with 6.6 percent share, only .4 percent away from "Dragon Ball Super" and "One Piece." "Doraemon" is ranked no. 3 with 8.4 percent share. Rounding up the top 10 are "Sazae-san," "Chibi Maruko-chan," "Shin-chan," "Time Bokan," "Yokai W," and "Moho."

"Dragon Ball Super" Appealing Factor

The continuing rise of "Dragon Ball Super" in Japan saw many contributing factors, most especially the arc of a chapter. Some appealing factors include the much-anticipated battle between Trunks, Goku Black and Zamasu, as well as the entrance of Mafuba.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 63 is available in the U.S. via online stream on Crunchyroll, Daisuki and Anime Lab starting Saturday, Oct. 22.


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