Gotham Season 3 Episode 6 Spoilers: Someone From Nygma’s Past Returns

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Oct 21, 2016 08:14 PM EDT

Gotham Season 3 has been the season of grimm villains so far. With Bruce Wayne still caged and bad unions being formed, it seems Gotham City is falling further into lawlessness. Episode 5 exhibits the Riddler's convictions and how his bond with the Penguin had been developing.

When Penguin became the mayor, Butch tries to win Penguin's adorns. It would have acted if Nygma hadn't intercede. The Mad Hatter kills by violence off another lady. His latest act of corruption had him dress up the prey as Alice just before the murder.

Jim shouldn't have been strange though. The Mad Hatter has some crazy cram in store for him, that will push him within predictable limits. We'll see how Gordon will handle the Mad Hatter in episode 6.

PENGUIN & NYGMA: It's more than bad enough that Penguin got into the chair, but now he has Nygma to help him raise even more feels like hell. Episode 6 is set to give a lot screen time to Penguin and Nygma as they plunge headlong the city into even more confusion.

Something big is foreseen to happen between Penguin and Nygma in the impending episode. Nygma's already endued into Penguin as he admits that he's ready to do whatever for him.

It is anticipated that the pair's connections will "evolve" in episode 6. It's already bad as it is, let's see just how worse it can get.

It's been speculated that someone from Nygma's past will be retorting. Could it be Bruce Wayne? Or could be another sick psychopath and self-proclaimed master villain to increase the existing pack of strong roster of bad guys loose on Gotham.

And it does help that Robin Lord Taylor popularity figure, adorable gay actor on TV. So, there is a huge likelihood that the Nygmatic chemistry will develop in the same direction. Waiting zealously for Episode 6: Follow the White Rabbit.

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