‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers, News And Updates: Episode 7, Team Defends Siblings For Murdering Their Mother

Episode 7 of "How To Get Away With Murder"' Season 3 is about Annalise, with the help of her students, defending two siblings who are suspected of killing their own mother. Conspiracy to commit murder is the case filed against the two siblings and Annalise's students will need to develop a strategy to get the siblings off the hook. The title of the episode is "Call It Mother's Intuition." In it

A Different Episode Of The Show

On its fifth week, the new season episode is becoming significantly different from the previous episodes. Nearly everything in the storylines came to a complete stop. The episode offered some amazing flashbacks that explained the current years of Frank in detail. He has been on the run since the start of the premiere of the current season when he shot Wallace Mahoney.

This episode has come at the right time. The seasoned performance of Viola Davis in "It's About Frank" is something that can earn her the nod of the critics. The episode's story was directed by Jann Turner and written by J.C. Lee.

Frank Has Finally Returned To The Show

Since Frank went into hiding, he was not seen on the show. But the latest episode of "How To Get Away With Murder"' Season 3 showed Frank returning to prominence. He was shown killing the pedophile father of Bonnie. But the reason for the murder was not made clear.

In this episode, Frank met Bonnie after she came out from the funeral parlor where she viewed her father's body in a casket. She showed no tears and quickly ordered his father's cremation and quickly went out. However, she refused to receive his ashes. Watch the consequences of Frank's actions on the next episode of "How To Get Away With Murder"' Season 3 on Thursday, Nov. 3. The video below is a teaser of season 3.

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