Windows Phone 7.8 Arriving In Early 2013: Nokia

By Prarthito Maity , Nov 17, 2012 10:00 AM EST

Several Windows Phone users were still using the Windows Phone 7.x versions of the OS, when Windows Phone 8 finally arrived. These users were told that while they won’t be getting the new OS on their device, they could expect a different upgrade of their devices later down the line.

Now, per reports, according to Nokia’s training manuals for China, the wait for Windows Phone 7.8 shouldn’t be that far off as it has been scheduled for some time in early 2013, though, according to many companies, the date could also be as early as within the next six months.

The news, however, may not come as a big surprise for most owners as the company promised a different upgrade for their devices. However, the problem still remained as Microsoft did not mention any specific dates for the roll out of the new operating system. Now, users can relax a bit more owing to the latest news on the Windows Phone front.

Users will be thrilled to know that the new OS will arrive with quite a few features, to say the least. It seems that Microsoft is planning on making Windows Phone 7.8 just as feature packed as Windows Phone 8. However, a few features, like NFC, may or may not run owing to a device’s hardware.

As far as features are concerned, per a WPCentral report, the new operating system’s start screen is slated to receive some changes, “as well as the three Live Tile sizes that users can manipulate to create unique and personal experiences. More themes are included (20 in total) to match what's available in Windows Phone 8. Internet Explorer is patched with security upgrades, and the system supports the editing of MP3 files for ringtone creation.”

Moreover, per the Chinese report sheet, “Bing photos will be a new repository for lockscreen images, which is a nice, small feature of Windows Phone 8. There will also be 20 color themes altogether, matching the count of WP8. While we’re hoping that Microsoft will include a few more tangible features than these in the production release, we fear that Windows Phone 7.8 is little more than a pity update for those running legacy hardware.”

More details about the OS are yet to arrive. Check for more here.

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