App Saves Life: PulsePoint Alerts CPR-Trained Professionals After Man Experiences Almost-Fatal Cardiac Arrest

A sudden cardiac arrest takes a precious life every 90 seconds. Cardiac arrest happens when your heart stops pumping blood around your body. For Stephen DeMont, a near-fatal cardiac arrest was addressed quickly, thanks to a revolutionary new app, called PulsePoint.

ABC News recently revealed that suddenly experiencing cardiac arrest far from the hospital isn't such a bad thing at all. What makes it better is if a good number of your neighborhood within a 330-yard radius has a mobile phone app that would alert them to your distress.

Stephen DeMont was the perfect example of that situation when he suddenly collapsed at a bus stop in front of the University of Washington Medical Center. During the incident, a medical student of said university rushed over and began doing first aid measures. Meanwhile, a nurse who just happened to end her shift was allegedly notified by PulsePoint. She immediately sprinted outside and assisted DeMont until paramedics arrived.

Five days after the cardiac incident, DeMont was seen happily walking and smiling as he talks about the PulsePoint app and how it has saved his life. As per CBS News, officials from Seattle claims that the mobile phone app is being used in approximately 2,000 US cities in 28. Authorities says that it has shown a great potential for connecting CPR-trained citizens to patients who are in great need of urgent medical attention.

The said mobile phone app which was developed by a former fire chief in Northern California was known to be linked through the 911 system of a certain city. It is said that as soon as a call comes in, operators will then notify people who happens to be within the scope of area where CPR assistance in needed together with the location of the nearest portable cardiac apparatus.

DeMont considers himself more than just a lucky man since he was known by a lot as a person who doesn't appreciate technology that much. For him, technology is the reason why people become disconnected. However, after the said incident, he has now renewed his belief in the powers of technology and its use to create a positive difference.

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