No Man's Sky Latest Update: Will Hello Games Be Able To Save This Space Sim?

Hello Games has been facing the worst case scenario for No Man's Sky that every game developer is fearful of. Many players have remained true-blue with hopes in mind that Sean Murray and his team will soon speak up to counter all these different issues arising. And amid the overwhelming current of criticisms and threats of abandonment, will Hello Games be able to salvage this space simulator game and gain the reputation it dreamt of?

No Man's Sky Complete Extinction?

The recent news about No Man's Sky is it being under threats to come to complete extinction following the alleged abandonment of their office in Guildford, England. The veracity of these claims have been defied, and later on have been debunked. Hello Games, however, have remained mum. High hopes for many supporters have been sustained, perhaps because they thought the developer deemed it necessary to face these controversies in silence.

Mixed Reactions Over Hello Games' Silence

In the wake of Hello Games' silence are mixed reactions taken to various social media. One Facebook user expressed his concern through a No Man's Sky community about all the issues that have been spiraling out of control.

Behind the optimistic view of some players lie overpowering voices of those wound up gamers who threatened to abandon No Man's Sky soon. On Twitter, one account with handle @yugiohtas voiced out how he felt about the game as of the moment.


Will Hello Games Be Able To Save No Man's Sky

Amid of all these rumors, speculations and allegations, will Hello Games be able to get back up and save what's left for No Man's Sky? It all boils down to this question as the independent game developer chose to remain silent. The only way Hello Games can get away with this is to repair the damage and undo what had been done. In September digital sales in the U.K., No Man's Sky suddenly left the cut which apparently because of the issues surrounding it. From the overpriced game cost, to false advertising, to lack of updates, Hello Games can do so much in order to recover the reputation it once had before releasing No Man's Sky.


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