Pokemon GO PvP Battle Now Available Via Storimõd

Pokemon GO PvP battle is now available - unofficially. Storimõd is offering a feature that Niantic has yet to deliver in Pokemon GO.

Storimõd - What Is It?

Storimõd is an app that offers several cool features to Pokemon GO players. Storibook is a social interface where everything that the players and all their friends have shared is placed. The Stat Tracker is where Pokemon GO players can look at the IV calculations, move sets and CP.

Battlemõd - Unofficial Pokemon GO PvP

But Storimõd's most exciting feature is the Battlemõd. This Storimõd feature does not interact with the Niantic servers in any way. This makes the app perfectly safe from any security net from the Pokemon GO developer.

The only things that Pokemon GO players have to do are screenshot their Pokemon and import them to the app. The PvP Battle gameplay is noticeably slow but at least it works and there is no threat of a Niantic Ban.

Battlemõd - How Does It Work?

The Battlemõd can be started by either challenging any of your friends in the game or joining the battle queue to fight any Pokemon GO player available. Select the Pokemon from your collection to start the battle. Players can select their moves via the buttons displayed below the game's screen. Simply tap the buttons to make your move. The user interface also includes some text records of the game.

The Battlemõd does have some technical drawbacks. As mentioned earlier, the feature is can be slow especially if there are some online connection issues. There is also no animation involved but that may change in the near future.

Storimõd Release Date And Availability

Storimõd is currently available for download at the Google Play Store. However, iOS Pokemon GO players will have to wait for a while. Those who are interested to know more about Storimõd can watch the preview and guide here.

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