'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Episode 1 Recap And Review: Negan Kills Abraham And Glenn; Rick Forced To Cut Off Carl's Arm

'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Premiere Major Spoilers: Negan Kills Abraham And Glenn; Rick Forced To Cut Off Carl's Arm
Negan kills Abraham and Glenn. Rick is about to lose it. Check out "The Walking Dead" Season 7 premiere highlights below. Photo : FOX International Channels/YouTube

Get your Kleenex ready! The most heartbreaking premiere of "The Waking Dead" is here. This time, the emotion was so intense; it left fans weeping and definitely made Negan the most hated person (or character) to ever exist. Check out the highlights below.

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 Kicks Off With Two Deaths And Broken Hearts

After months of speculating, the hanging questions as to who Negan kills were finally answered during Sunday's premiere of "The Walking Dead" Season 7. And it left fans devastated and heartbroken. The series pulled quite a violent pilot episode as two of the most beloved characters in the series met their demise abruptly - Abraham and Glenn.

First off, the evil Negan smashed Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) on the head as a result of his "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" moment. The manly and brave character of Abraham was seen helpless as Negan continuously rammed his skull to the ground. The scene was heart-breaking knowing that he has started to hope for a family with his love interest, Sasha. Speaking of which, Abraham's death will sure to have a great impact on Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) especially that she has now lost two romantic partners - the other in Bob.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking of all is Glenn's death. After pleasurably butchering Abraham, Negan went on his killing spree and turned his aim to Glenn. He was unhesitant when he smashed Glenn's head twice. But the fan-favorite refused to die... yet. Despite being badly injured and blood dripping on his face, Glenn doesn't fall. He mustered all his strength and told his wife, Maggie, his one last message of true love: "I'll find you." And so, hearts were broken.

But the most heart-broken of them all is none other than Maggie, who is currently pregnant with Glenn's child and not in a very good condition. The emotion of Lauren Cohan's performance of the character was intense and convincing that viewers are sure to feel the pain she's been put into. In one episode of the "Talking Dead," the actress talked about Maggie and Glenn being star-crossed lovers and that no matter what happens, in the end, Glenn will always be with Maggie. More Kleenex please.

Rick Becomes Defenseless And Emotional

Throughout the six-season run of "The Walking Dead," Rick is known to be someone who always takes the lead- a natural born leader who is willing to risk it all just to protect his "family." However, the tough persona of Rick seems to have faded away as things started to get ugly for his group. Witnessing the gruesome deaths of his trusted and closest friends, which he considers more as a family, really took a toll on him.

After the ghastly slaughter of Abraham and Glenn, Negan took Rick in an RV and drove away. Inside, Negan does all his best to taunt the almost broken Rick. He even went as far as kicking Rick out of the RV and into a zombie-filled forest. It seems like Negan is testing out how far Rick can go.

At one point, when Rick was lying on the roof of the RV, flashbacks of the gruesome event kept playing on his mind. The weight of everything that happened is starting to sink in and Rick is at the brink of losing it.

But what really triggered Rick to lose it emotionally was when Negan asked him something that will test his role as a father and leader of the group. Back in the camp where everyone else is still kept captive, Negan dragged Rick in the middle for everyone to see. He then went on and asked his men to put a gun on everyone's temple, instructing them to blow right under the nose so that'll be one hell of a mess.

Rick watched, defenseless as he could be. As if it wasn't enough, Negan then went on and asked to take Carl next to his father. And this is where things started to get shaky for Rick. Negan forced Rick to cut off his own son's arm. If not, every single one in the group will die. Rick broke down like we've never seen before. An emotional Rick - crying and begging- is something unusual for him to do so to see him like that gives a lot of impact.

Carl, who bravely faced his fate, told his shaken father to just go ahead and do it. As soon as Rick was about to chop off his arm, Negan revealed he was only bluffing. Turns out, he just wanted Rick to get his message - he now belongs to him.

Things Will Never Be The Same For The Group

As the heart-stopping episode comes to an end, the rest of the group picked up Abraham and Glenn's lifeless body. Hopefully they can give the two a proper burial which they both deserved. Rick, who was still shaken by the whole incident, remembered Negan's words while they were in the RV.

"Bet you thought you were all going to grow old together, sitting around the table at Sunday dinner with a happily ever after. It doesn't work like that. Not anymore."

With Negan's words, a flash of a heartbreaking scene was revealed, perhaps Rick's imagination. In the scene, the entire group including Rick, Carl, Michonne, Sasha, Abraham, Morgan and even Glenn and Maggie with their toddler son were sitting together at a long dinner table while enjoying a meal like a whole family on a Sunday afternoon. The group looks really happy that it actually hurts thinking that it was just a fantasy and that'll never happen - at least for now.

"The Walking Dead" sure knows how to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. What will happen to Rick and the rest of the group now that Negan is taking over? Will Rick really submit himself? How will Maggie face life without Glenn? Find out the answers on "The Walking Dead" Season 7 every Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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