Pokemon Go News: Revenue Hits $600M In 90 Days, Fastest App To Hit The Mark

Pokemon Go is enjoying another record-breaking event. After three months of its release, recent information revealed by App Annie, a market researcher, reported that the hit augmented reality game from Niantic hit the $600 million mark in revenues.

Though Pokemon Go's growth may be slowing down, it is still considered as the most successful mobile game in history. Thanks to the ever cute Pidgeys flocking all around you and the hard-hitting battles with Dragonite which caused you several revives.

Pokemon Go Revenues

According to App Annie, Niantic Labs generated more than $600 million in revenue during its third quarter market index - from July 2016 through the end of Sept. 2016. This data made Pokemon Go the fastest selling mobile game to date.

Pokemon Go was able to reach the $600 million revenue mark in just 90 days while it took Candy Crush Saga more than 200 days. Puzzle & Dragons took more than 400 days to hit that goal while Clash of Clans took more than 500 days.

Additionally, the total time spent playing Pokemon Go was even almost as much as the next 19 games combined, according to App Annie. It also accounted for 45 percent of the time spent playing Android games, different for the next 19 games which was 55 percent.

Why Pokemon Go is Amazing

Aside from all the Pokemon Go stats mentioned that were deemed amazing, App Annie added that Niantic's mobile game's ability to convert a large number of the player's non-mobile time to mobile time is considered nothing short of impressive. It is said that Pokemon Go wasn't borrowing time from the other games. In fact, Pokemon Go's immersive augmented reality gameplay was able to lure new players in and keep the old fans hold on.

What do you think about Pokemon Go being the fastest selling mobile game to date? Did you help in rake that amount for Niantic? What made you stay with the game after 3 months? Share your thoughts below!

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