Infants Should Share Rooms With Their Parents, Find Out Why

By Sai , Oct 24, 2016 03:33 PM EDT

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death of a seemingly healthy baby in his sleep due to an apparent spontaneous cessation of breathing. It is known as the leading cause of death among infants ranging from 1 month old to 1 year old. Although SIDS could really get unpredictable, you can do something to prevent it from ever happening.

A newly released set of guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that infants or new born babies must not share the same bed but should be in the same room as their parents so as to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome by 50 percent as authors would claim it.

According to CBS News, the deputy medical officer at the March of Dimes, Dr. Paul Jarris, believes that room sharing actually makes a lot of sense for infants to be within a close view and reach which makes it easier for parents to closely monitor, comfort or feed their little ones. Additionally, Jarris claimed that since the baby is nearby, it makes it easier for parents to notice any kinds of potential difficulty. He believes that with the evidences going strong, parents will now be more informed about room sharing.

Meanwhile, a group of doctors warned that although it's necessary to keep the babies in the same room with the parents, it is just but vital that infants must have their own sleeping surface such as a crib or bassinet. The same group of doctors have also emphasized that infants should never be left sleeping on a soft surface like a couch or armchair.

As per Health Day, each year in the United States, approximately 3,500 babies die from sleep-related deaths which include SIDS. Co-author Dr. Lori FeldmanWinter, a professor of pediatrics at Cooper Medical School in Camden, N.J. said that babies must be brought to bed when feeding but should be returned to his own sleeping surface near to the parents' sight afterwards.

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