iOS 5 Preferred Over Google Maps-Less iOS 6

By Prarthito Maity , Nov 30, 2012 10:51 AM EST

Apple is yet to come up with a solution regarding the failed Maps feature that came along with the previously released iOS 6, the next Apple refresh for iDevices. While Apple decided that the company would have nothing to do with Google-based products on their devices and yanked Google Maps in favor of its own, the Cupertino-based company has found itself in a lot of trouble with complaints flowing in from iFans.

Now, per reports, while Apple is currently hard at work on improving its own iOS 6 Maps application, a fair number of users are still running iOS 5 on their devices, simply due to the poor performance of Apple’s Maps on iOS 6.

That Apple is currently working to improve the native Maps app is not a big surprise. Eddy Cue, who took charge of map software last month, is working to turn around the troubled service, firing a senior manager and urging partners to improve data amidst increasing rivalry with Google.

Google, as reported earlier, was already working on a new iOS-based Google Maps app for users who have been accustomed to the Google feature over the years. It was also reported that Google is almost done with the development of a brand new iOS-based Google Maps for its Apple fans, and is ready to present the newly developed app for iOS users, with the only thing setting the company back is a green signal from Apple.

However, Apple is already doing whatever it can to make the Maps app much better that what it currently is. As mentioned, Cue, 48, senior vice president overseeing Apple’s online services, per a Bloomberg report, “pushed out maps supervisor Richard Williamson in a management shakeup soon after taking over the program, said people familiar with the situation, who asked not to be named because the information isn’t public. Cue is seeking advice from outside map-technology experts and prodding maps provider TomTom NV (TOM2) to fix landmark and navigation data it shares with Apple.”

According to a Product Reviews report, “certain users have even resorted to staying on Apple’s old iOS 5 firmware, simply due to the fact that they want to remain on Google Maps, rather than be forced to use Apple’s own in-house application.”

Google Maps for iOS has been in news for quite some time now. Previously, it was reported that Google was expanding the testing project for the new Google Maps before the company applies for a legal approval from apple. The company, apparently, had been giving some of its friends a copy of this new iOS app to test out.

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