Corning’s Gorilla Glass Will Soon Have A Major Role In Everyday Driving

For years, Corning has been manufacturing the Gorilla Glass and adding it to multiple devices such as mobile phones. The glass is chemically toughened, making it damage resistant, which gives mobile phones the ability to remain almost scratch free without the user having to add a screen protector.

With autonomous cars constantly being developed, consumers are asking questions on what materials will be used in manufacturing and what measures of safety will car manufacturers take. One major part currently being developed is the windshield of the future cars, as this part is right in front of the driver and the passengers, the material should be tough enough to withstands high forces of velocity, wind speeds and should be able to protect the occupants in the highest level possible.

One key feature Corning's Gorilla Glass holds is its ability to be very durable and being lightweight at the same time. These features are is a necessity when it comes to car manufacturing, as previous and current versions of the windshield tend to be brittle, or show signs of wear and tear, which can be hazardous to the driver.

The windshield must be able to endure extreme amounts of force during a collision; otherwise, the life of the occupants might be at stake due to cuts and wounds caused by brittle or shattered glass that can be caused by a number of scenarios. Corning has shown through its smartphone displays that the glass is very durable and does not shatter easily even put to tremendous amounts of force.

Another challenge that drivers are facing is scratches on the windshield. A single hairline scratch can easily grow in a matter of days and can cause unwanted glare when driving. These scratches can also cause huge amount of money due to repairs or restoration. The Gorilla glass has dealt with a series of tests in the past, proving that the material is very difficult to damage or scratch. This factor will be helpful as a clearer, possibly glare-free, windshield means lesser driving distractions and thus a safer travel.

Corning's Gorilla Glass can also embed digital technology; having no side mirrors or rear view mirrors can be possible, the side and rear views can be viewed on the heads up display that is right in the drivers line of sight, making navigation a lot safer since the driver does not need to take his eyes of the road.

The heads up display can also include the cars control panel, dashboard and gauges in the screen. The design fits perfectly the predictions of future cars, having more freedom and driving enjoyment, less distractions and more safety, and more time to focus on the road ahead.

Corning's Gorilla Glass will also be perfect for future autonomous cars as manufactures like Tesla are working on ways to make the car lightweight, durable, and accident free. This technology is promising and will truly change the how we see the road ahead.

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