PewDiePie Plays 'Hello Neighbor': Says It Doesn't Make Sense

PewDiePie, also known as the hot Swedish YouTuber with the most subscribed channel in the world, recently played the game 'Hello Neighbor.' He posted the whole hilariously engaging gameplay in his channel. 'Hello Neighbor' is a game about sneaking into his neighbor's house and figuring out what his neighbor is hiding in the basement.

Hello Neighbor Is Terrifying And It Doesn't Make Sense

Although Hello Neighbor is still in development and the version available to the players is the pre-alpha, it has received several great reviews from video game reviewers and fans of indie games. PewDiePie has been known to lean toward and prefers indie games over other games in general since it has delivered the most hilarious content to him through the years. So, it's no question why he would play a game with an interesting concept like 'Hello Neighbor' has.

Right off the bat, 'Hello Neighbor' showed PewDiePie that it's not a game to underestimate. Despite its deceptive 'friendly' appearances, 'Hello Neighbor' is a hard game to beat, especially when its main selling point is the AI - which learns, studies and adapts to what the player does every time they try to enter the house. 'Hello Neighbor' doesn't look like your typical, standard horror game - that's why PewDiePie could only say that the game doesn't make any sense but could work.

It doesn't make any sense why PewDiePie was so scared of playing the game. Despite a very promising gameplay, however, it seems he gave up on finishing it and opted for finding out the ending from a different playthrough in YouTube. He admitted though that he tried to play the game for days but just couldn't finish.

Ending Contains Nothing - Not Even Harry Potter

It's PewDiePie's goal to open the storage door located under the stairs. To that end, he watched a different playthrough to know what's inside. It turns out, since 'Hello Neighbor' is still in its pre-alpha version, the room under the door is a whole lot of empty space - not even Harry Potter lives there.

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