Super Mario 2016: 3DS Gameplay Trailer Reveals How Difficult Levels Can Be; Super Mario 64 Won't Give You One Special Coin

Super Mario comes to 3DS systems in December. According to reports, 2016 surprise hit game for Nintendo Wii U is set to bring fun by allowing the fans to create their own Super Mario levels. As shown in the new gameplay trailer, Nintendo tells how the players can earn achievement medals in the Super Mario Maker 3DS.

In the new Super Mario trailer, achievement medals are collected upon completion of some levels in a specific way. As indicated in course 1 to 3, the initial achievement medal requires the players to defeat the Piranha Plants. Some of these plants are found on the heads of Goombas, which needs a certain amount of skills and accuracy of target to complete.

On the other hand, course 3 to 1 reportedly requires reaching the goal while the players hold down right on the d-pad for the whole duration of the course. Since it is a speed-run of the level, it needs some accurate jumps and a bit of luck. The Super Mario course 5 to 2 challenges include reaching the end without jumping.

Although this seems unlikely, reports suggest that there are several springs throughout the level to help the players finish the level. The final course 9 to 2 requires luring each Boo in the stage to the goal, and would need to allow them to get very close prior to touching the flag. Super Mario for Nintendo 3DS is set to release in December.

Meanwhile, Super Mario 64 is reported to have a hidden coin that players can never be able to collect. Based on reports, a Super Mario fan took to YouTube and uploaded a video providing details on how the 2,093rd coin has been kept under the surface for about 20 years, unknown to a lot of players.  

Super Mario four coins were said to be hidden in the bigger version of the Tiny-Huge Island course, and the hidden fifth coin emerged and got stuck under the ground. Watch video about Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS - Medal Challenges here:

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