‘NCIS Los Angeles’ Season 8 Spoilers, News And Updates: Will Kensi Return Or Will She Not Survive Her Coma? Who Else Will Die?

Most of the recent "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8 spoilers are focused on one character - Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah). It is still unclear whether she had survived the helicopter crash in Syria. She had been immediately flown back to the U. S. but nothing was ever heard from her since. The show's producers have been silent on what are their plans for Kensi in season 8.

The Fans Are Getting Jittery

Because of the seeming intention by the producers to kill off Daniela Ruah's character in "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8, fans are getting jittery as to who of the major characters will be killed off as well. Kensi has not appeared yet, so everybody assumes that she is still in a coma. As the plot unfolds in "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8, everything seems to be pointing at Kensi's possible death.

The Reality Points To Something Positive

But fans of Kensi will welcome the news that there is a slight possibility that she might come back in future episodes. For that to happen, she will have to recover from her coma. The actual condition of Daniela Ruah seems to point out that this is a possibility.

Ruah has recently given birth to a baby girl and is currently enjoying her motherhood. That means her Kensi role must be given time off from the show because she is on maternity leave. She deserved some time off so that she can have time with her baby girl. So, there is a distinct possibility that she is going to recover from her coma - if only for the sake of Deeks, her love interest in the show. He even had a breakdown on the show and asked her to wake up and marry him. The fans of "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8 will soon see if Kensi will return to the show.

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