Cancer Aftermath: Disease Does Not Only Leave Your Body Damage, It Also Leaves You Broke

As deadly as the cancer disease can be, it also leaves a major trouble when it comes to money matters. With all the burden that a cancer brings, one of the most felt impacts is the financial aspect. Chemo therapy sessions, hospital bills, medication and other fees could mean a massive expenditure.

A study that was initiated last January by the Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research shows that almost one-third of cancer survivors go into debt, and 3 percent of which file for a state of bankruptcy.

In one of their interviews, Fox News has revealed that with the series of studies conducted, Dan Sherman, owner of the NaVectis Group- an organization which aims to educate hospital staff on how to provide aid to patients who had gone into remission from cancer, says that their findings suggest that financial distress could basically tantamount to the fear of dying from the disease. Sherman has added that for people diagnosed with cancer, they do everything they can to look for resources, and in turn, they end up being broke.

New York Post reports that for people in middle-to upper middle class homes, as well as for those having the gold standard insurance policies, it isn't about the cost of care that leaves them with nothing financially speaking. More often, it's really about the need to stop working while being in the middle of the treatment.

For the 61-year old Bob Tufts, a former Wall Street Executive, after being diagnosed with a blood-related cancer in 2009, he had to go through the pain of losing two incomes while having to pay huge expenses that included her daughter's tuition fee in college and the fact that his wife being unable to go to work at times just to look after him.

As per Family Reach, a national nonprofit organization financed by private sectors and corporate contributions, people like Tufts are just the kind of cancer sufferers that they wanted to help.

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