Apple iPhone 7 Sales Boom Thanks To Galaxy Note 7 Failure

By Staff writer , Oct 26, 2016 06:44 AM EDT

Apple's 4th quarter sales were completely bolstered by booming demands for the iPhone 7, which helped improve the slow-pacing sales slump for the Cupertino-based tech company. After releasing the much-anticipated iPhone 7 in September, Apple has been reported to have sold 45 million in the most recent fiscal quarter. It seems like Apple truly benefited from its earlier-than-usual product launch, which gave the company an earlier advantage to market the device. And of course, they also massively benefited from the Note 7 failure, which has seen a lot of Samsung users transitioning to the iPhone 7.

The Storm before the rainbow

The iPhone 7 was launched a week earlier than usual compared to prior models, which is likely intended to boost fourth-quarter sales. Since its official release, Apple has been struggling to meet demands for the iPhone 7, which has then been boosted after the problems met by its competitor Samsung Electronics, which ultimately changed their course in terms of sales, which was reported to help Apple improve its sales in the crucial holiday quarter.

Luck was in Apple's favor this year

Apple CEO Tim Cook may be relieved to see the growing success that the iPhone 7 is currently enjoying, which was a whole lot different when the device was first released, having a rather slower sales rate compared to previous iPhone iterations. It seems like with the help of some good marketing strategy, as well as Samsung's untimely downfall, the company has fully endured its first sales revenue decline in 15 years as global smartphone demands dropped significantly, until the whole Note 7 issue.

Great year, Apple!

The South Korean-based company has recently discontinued the production of its recent flagship, the Galaxy Note 7 after some devices had caught fire. When Apple announces its sales results for the 4th quarter on Tuesday, it will also feature a sales forecast for the final two months of 2016. Analysts are currently anticipating that sales are about $75.3 billion for that period. Let's just say 2016 was Apple's year.

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